Madhat Al-Mahmood

Iraqi Chief Justice Receives Life and Liberty Award

On Monday, November 13, 2006 the members of the New Hampshire Supreme Court Society had the honor of listening to Justice Madhat Al-Mahmood, the Chief Justice of Iraq, speak about his country's movement toward independence. Al-Mahmood captivated an audience of 175 in New Hampshire's Supreme Court in Concord, where he received the New Hampshire Supreme Court Society's first "Life and Liberty Award," which recognized the extraordinary judicial services of Al-Mahmood.

The Chief Justice spoke in great detail about the political history of Iraq, particularly the periods of instability within the country. When speaking of the history of Iraq, Al-Mahmood made connections between the current quandaries that the country is facing and related them to historical events.

Al-Mahmood also spoke about his desire to establish stability and peace within his country. "We have started several steps to build the future. Unfortunately there are many challenges facing Iraqis today," he said. "But the first step is to build a higher system of justice."

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