Nina Totenberg

Nina Totenberg Talks About Upcoming Supreme Court Term, Politics, at Constitutionally Speaking event

National Public Radio’s award-winning legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg regaled a capacity crowd at the Capitol Center for the Arts on October 2, with observations about the Supreme Court, politics, and a story about the return of her father's valuable violin.

Totenberg was interviewed by WBUR's Robin Young, host of Here & Now. The event was sponsored by the New Hampshire Supreme Court Society as its annual King Lecture.

Totenberg said in response to a question from Young that June 2014 was a rare time in her career monitoring the Court. "There are few times when there is that kind of thunderous opinion as same-sex marriage, much less Obamacare 2 and some other important decisions.You could probably count on two hands the number of opinions since 1965 that are of that importance, and that everybody understands from the very beginning are of that importance."

She shared some personal anecdotes of her encounters with Justices outside of the courtroom, including David Souter, who attended the event.

The last portion of her talk focused on the return of her father's violin. Roman Totenberg was a noted violinist who had used a rare Stradivarius violin for decades. One night, after a concert in Cambridge, MA, the instrument was stolen.

For 35 years, there was no word of the violin. Then Nina Totenberg got a call from the FBI in June of this year, saying that they had recovered the instrument. You can hear her tell the story in the video above.

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